The Arizona location for the school serves as the primary location for where students will take classes and engage with faculty.

The School of Ocean Futures central location is the Walton Center for Planetary Health at the ASU Tempe campus. The school’s faculty across three campuses has particular strengths in researching the present and future states of the oceans as part of Earth’s global climate system, its role in the global carbon cycle, as well as the health and diversity of its ecosystems, including plankton, fish, sea turtles and coral reefs.


2022 Symposium Group Photo

Ocean Futures Symposium

Every fall, School of Ocean Futures faculty from all three locations attend a symposium at the Tempe campus to advance research, discuss emerging opportunities and to advance teaching to better prepare our students for a changing world.

ISTB7 Building


The School of Ocean Futures has access to dry and wet lab space with ASU’s Walton Center for Planetary Health to further explore the mysteries of our planet’s largest biome.

Learn more about the Walton Center for Planetary Health

The Walton Center for Planetary health is home to cutting-edge research and extensive academic opportunities. This building is the heart of the College of Global Futures and the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory.