Researcher scuba diving in vibrant blue water with coral reefs visible below

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diver and school of fish

Advancing oceanic discovery in the desert

Susanne Neuer, director of ASU’s School of Ocean Futures, oversees the ocean discovery and research initiatives spanning three campuses and…


Out planet’s lifeline

From the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, now part of ASU, has been measuring the temperature, acidity…

Coral reef

New research confirms land-sea relationship is major driver of coral reef health outcomes

In a new paper, researchers tracked coral reef health in Hawaii for 20 years — measuring increasing water acidification, land-based…

School of Ocean Futures in the news

What are the continued effects of Maui wildfires?

We talked to Katie Kamelamela, a professor at the ASU School of Ocean Futures to find out more about the effect these wildfires are having on the people and the land.

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ASU is launching a new school to help students dive into ocean sciences

Of all places, right here in the hot, dry desert, the newest school at Arizona State University (ASU) focuses on the ocean.

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