The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, which is a unit of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory at ASU, is the home of faculty and researchers within the School of Ocean Futures.

With over 120 years worth of research experience, BIOS includes a field station that houses multiple laboratories and vessels that conduct research based out of the Atlantic Ocean.


Research areas

Sustained ocean observations

Sustained atmospheric observations

Ocean currents


Microbes and plankton

Coral reefs, seagrass and fishes

Human life and health

Natural hazards and risk prediction

More BIOS research programs

Bermuda Atlantic
Time-series Study

The Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study has collected data on the physical, biological and chemical properties of the ocean every month since 1988. BATS is funded through continuing awards from the National Science Foundation programs in chemical oceanography and biological oceanography in the Division of Ocean Sciences.


BIOS is a state-of-the-art ocean science research facility outfitted with lab spaces, lecture halls and an oceanographic vessel – the R/V Atlantic Explorer.

Student opportunities

Students of the School of Ocean Futures have multiple opportunities available to them through BIOS. Many school faculty are embedded in Bermuda and will teach courses remotely. Students will also have access to research and internship opportunities.

ASU Summer in Bermuda

Join faculty and researchers at ASU in Bermuda this summer to study topics in marine science in the classroom, in the lab and in the water.

Learn more about the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Visit the BIOS website to explore 120 years’ worth of oceanic science and research based in the Atlantic.